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About Winston Builders Inc.

Winston Builders is a construction company with humble beginnings. Owner Keith Winston started off in the game as an electrician and jack of all trades. While finishing his degree in Construction Management from Purdue University Calumet (now Purdue Northwest) he worked on countless smaller projects. When the recession of 2008 occurred, many trades had to do layoffs and during this time, Winston Builders was born. Keith was raised in a home where his dad was a mechanic welder at the steel mills, but was an all-around handyman and Mr. Fix-It.  Keith was raised to believe that no job was impossible and you can do, build, and fix absolutely anything. Winston Builders will solve any problem, fix any issue, and create the perfect space to showcase your unique and individual style. 

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Our Process

Winston Builders will travel to you at no cost to get a picture of what you envision! We will work with you to create a specific plan of action to make your dreams come true. We will provide estimates so you can feel assured that your investment is handled carefully. This includes getting initial measurements, discussing materials, and coming up with solutions to any problems you may have with your home.  

Preconstruction Design

You will be able to view your prints to be sure that your dream space is just as you envision before the work begins. This gives customers peace of mind. 

Design & Construction Estimate

After we visit your home to get a solid idea of materials and time needed, we will provide an estimate before we create a contract.

On-Site Consultations

Winston Builders will visit your home or space to assess your needs and make a plan. Your needs will steer the plan.

The Finishing

Winston Builders will stay in touch with you to be sure that you are fully satisfied with the end product. We provide a more personal experience and we want to get every detail perfect!

Our Mission


Keith Winston founded Winston Builders in 2007 as a residential contractor. Keith worked exclusively on smaller projects in the beginning while working his day job as a union electrician. Since then, Winston Builders has expanded from smaller renovation jobs to building gorgeous home all over Northwest Indiana. Keith had a dream of being able to put his knowledge to better use by giving his clients the homes and renovations of their dreams. We all know that sometimes we move into our dream home only to realize that we had one more thing on our wish list. Winston Builders prioritizes giving you the unique and custom spaces you want! 

Winston Builders was incorporated in 2018 and has continued to branch out in all areas of building and renovation. He will personally be working on every detail of your renovation or your new-construction home. 

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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